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April 30, 2012

Free Sample Educational DVDs And Magazine From The Howard Hughes Medical Institute

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Request Free Sample Howard Hughes Medical Institute DVD KitThe Howard Hughes Medical Institute is giving away free samples of their February Edition of the Bulletin. You can also choose to receive 5 educational DVDs touching on subjects from evolution to stem cell research.

HHMI, a nonprofit medical research organization that ranks as one of the nation’s largest philanthropies, plays a powerful role in advancing biomedical research and science education in the United States. The Institute spent $825 million for research and distributed $80 million in grant support for science education in fiscal year 2011.

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Free Sample ProAir EBI Active Kit And Inhaler Pouch

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Request Free Sample EBI Active KitProAir-HFA is giving away free sample EBI Active Kit And Inhaler Pouch.

EIB Active stands for Educate, Inspire, Be Active. EIB Active is a national movement to empower those with exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) to achieve more and to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. EIB Active raises awareness of EIB, a condition that can make it hard to breathe during or after physical activity. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 30 million people have EIB. EBI Active’s mission is to educate people about EIB, to encourage people to talk to their doctor if they think they have EIB symptoms, and to get the proper diagnosis and treatment for their condition. We want people who have EIB to be empowered to reach their full potential once they learn to manage their condition.

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Free Sample Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplement

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Request Free Sample Lactaid Fast Act Dietary SupplementLactaid is giving away free samples of Lactaid Fast Act Dietary Supplements.

LACTAID Fast Act is the most convenient LACTAID Supplement that’s perfect at home or dining out. Simply have one LACTAID Fast Act with your first bite of dairy food and enjoy! It’s available in easy-to-swallow tablets and delicious VANILLA TWIST flavored chewable tablets and can be used every day, every time you eat any dairy food. LACTAID Fast Act works naturally to make dairy foods more digestible, giving you the freedom to enjoy the foods you want, when you want.

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Beverages, Grocery

Free Sample Crystal Light Energy Drink Mix

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Request Free Sample Crystal Light Energy Drink MixCrystal Light is giving away free samples of Crystal Light energy Drink Mix.

Crystal Light Energy contains 60 mg caffeine per serving, and is a good source of B vitamins which help release energy from the food that you eat. Color your world with Crystal Light and transform ordinary water with fabulous fruit flavors and tantalizing teas. Each sip is the perfect way to refresh, renew and satisfy your thirst for something different.

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Health & Beauty, Personal Care

Free Sample Urifemme

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Request Free Sample UrifemmeUrifemme Company is giving away free samples of their Urifemme product for women.

Urifemme is a convenient contoured funnel-like shaped device which allows women to urinate while standing even in the most unsanitary of conditions. Urifemme is made of a single piece of bonded paper that is amazingly pliable, flexible and easily unfolded for easy use. The design has been perfected for ease of use and the funnel is 100% disposable.  This portable disposable wonder was designed by a physician specializing in Rheumatoid Arthritis whose initial idea was to develop a product to aid post surgical patients having difficulty squatting.

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Condiments, Grocery

April 29, 2012

Free Sample Calovia All-Natural Stevia Sweetener

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Request Free Sample Calovia SweetenerCalovia International Corporation is giving away free samples of Calovia All-natural Stevia sweetener.

The Calovia International Corporation seeks to provide high-quality, natural, and affordable natural sweeteners (natural dietary supplements) to multiple end-user consumers. By offering alternatives to existing producers and building on the considerable scientific research behind Stevia products, the Calovia brand is unique in terms of sourcing and taste.

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Health & Beauty, Skincare

Free Sample Defy Age Erasing Serum

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Request Free Sample Defy Age Erasing SerumTahitian Noni International is giving away free samples of Defy Age Erasing Serum.

The Defy Age Erasing Serum was formulated to target and erase the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, and age spots with a unique blend of bioactives. These bioactives also even out skin tone and strengthen your skin so you can look and feel younger.

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