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August 27, 2012

Free Sample Pink Intimate Personal Lubricants

closeThis free sample was posted 1 year 7 months 22 days ago which means the offer may no longer be valid. It is recommended you verify this by visiting the sample request link below to be sure.

Request Free Sample Pink Intimate Personal LubricantsThe Pink Company is giving away free samples of their Intimate Personal Lubricants.

Intensify or enhance sensation with or without a partner. Due to added lubrication, a woman can enjoy the pure sensation of touch and intercourse, without friction or irritation, so the mind is free to focus on the positive aspects of intimacy. Allow for safer sex by reducing the risk of condom breakage. STD/STI’s and unwanted pregnancy are very real and serious issues. Lubricants prevent undue stress and friction that can result in condom failure. Help eliminate pain and discomfort that stems from vaginal dryness. A woman may experience vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes at varying stages of life, such as after bearing children or during menopause. Dryness may also result from medical conditions such as chemotherapy or diabetes, or from using anti-estrogen medications. Lubricants can also help extend intercourse, since natural lubrication can sometimes diminish during longer periods of intimacy. Lubrication is also essential for certain sexual play that includes toys or anal penetration.

Follow the link below to request your free sample of Pink Intimate Personal Lubricants.

Request Free Sample


Free samples usually take between 4 and 16 weeks to arrive, some offers take as long as 5 months. Often the offer will specify the general wait time.
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